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Activities and Events

We try to get our school community to wholeheartedly engage in various activities and events in order to foster a whole-school climate and promote collaborative culture among the school community. These activities may be held on and out of school premises as well as aimed at different age groups of students.

It is quite challenging to list the whole range of activities and events here but these are the most significant ones which have become part of a good tradition in Spectrum.


Teacher’s Day
A special day for the appreciation of teachers and includes celebrations to honour them for their special contributions.


Independence Day of Kazakhstan

The school organises some activities in order to celebrate the fact of Kazakhstan’s gaining independence in December 1991. The event held due to this day tells the story of the nation and represents its most important values.


New Year
School staff, students and parents welcome the coming year joyfully in the last week of the second term.


Gratitude Day
Recently established, on Gratitude Day people of all ethnicities in Kazakhstan could express their thanks and gratefulness to one another for the years of tolerance and inter-ethnic peace. On this day NIS students and staff members express their gratitude to mark the friendship and cultural diversity.

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International Women’s Day
8th of March is the International Women’s Day. Students of Spectrum hold various events for their female family members to express their appreciation. Spectrum administration also recognises female staff members and students.


Nauryz is celebrated on the 22nd of March over the country along with several countries in Asia. Nauryz represents the spring – rebirth of nature. In the history, Nauryz was accepted as the beginning of the new year in Persian and Turkic nations.


Astana Round of World Scholar’s Cup
An international team based academic tournament for primary and secondary students that aims to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills.


Annual International Day
Spectrum pays plenitude of significance to Day of Solidarity of Nations which is celebrated on the 1st of May all over the country. We believe that, by means of this day, the concept “international mindedness” can be fostered as indicated in our philosophy.


PEMA concert
Physical Education, Music and Art department conduct a final concert during which students showcase their skills.


Summer Camps
At the end of every academic session, Spectrum recommends an extended camp period to all students. For the grades 1 to 4, a camp within the school facilities enriched with local field trips can be advised while for upper grades intercity field trips or countryside campings are better alternatives. Abroad summer schools are also encouraged. For the details please get in contact with school administration.