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Admissions Documents

List of Admissions Documents for Spectrum International School

1 Application Letter (provided in the school)
2 Photos (2 pieces and 3×4 cm size)
3 Student Information Form – A (provided in the school)
4 Health Booklet No:026/y (for RoK citizens) or
Health Certificate No:086/y (for foreign nationals)
5 Vaccination record book No:063/y  or
Vaccination Certificate
6 X-Ray film with its report: for 6 year olds and over (for foreign nationals and non-residents of Nur-Sultan)
7 Residence certificate
8 Original copy of child’s statutory birth-certificate/passport/identity certificate with Individual Identification Number and/or Valid visa (for foreign nationals)

Withdrawal Certificate from the previous school (not applicable for admission into Grade 1)


Report Card(s) that were given by the previous school(s) (not applicable for admission into Grade 1)

11 Parent-School Contract

A Level Option Form (applicable for enrollment into Grade 11 and 12 only)