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Admissions Procedure

General Issues

The school admits those prospective students who will benefit most from the school’s programme. The school takes this issue very seriously and observes potential students carefully before and after the admission in order to maintain a successful educational environment. Spectrum makes every effort to ensure that there is alignment between a student’s needs/abilities and the programmes offered.

Spectrum has an admissions policy which is against any discrimination in terms of gender, race, nationality, religion or language.

The state of the candidates’ health is considered when being enrolled. The following medical contra-indications are hindrances to enrollment:

  • declination in the psychological development of the child;
  • diseases connected with abnormalities of the nervous system,
  • various chronic diseases or physical disabilities which may cause difficulties in mastering the material and the handling of an increased learning load;
  • contagious diseases. 

Admissions Process

The Admissions Process consists of five stages: 

Contacting the school and obtaining information: At this stage candidates or their parents/carers contact the School officially or unofficially by means of emails, telephone or school visits to inquire about the school. The admissions officer, or one of the administrative staff provides general information about the school such as school programmes, admissions process, school daily hours, tuition fees, number of vacancies in the class, etc.

Admissions examination: Registered candidates take an admissions examination as specified by the School. If a candidate cannot sit the admissions examination due to a number of reasons, alternate internationally recognised examination results can be taken into account.

Admissions Committee: The School Principal forms a Committee as laid out in this Policy. The Committee considers the candidates’ examination results, age, candidate priority status, previous school achievements, class vacancies and other criteria when making decisions on granting or rejecting enrollment to the School. The decision is then announced to the public.

Admissions Documents: After the minimum amount of the tuition fee that was initially decided by the School and announced to the parents/carers is paid, candidates submit all the admissions documents in a way as specified by the School.

Order: The School issues an order on candidate’s enrollment to the School. The candidate is officially deemed as enrolled by this order.