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In Spectrum we believe that engagement in extracurricular activities is vital to the personal development of a student. Therefore, Spectrum offers a wide range of clubs so as to meet our students’ different needs. Club activities are not compulsory though we strongly recommend students to enroll into one. Clubs are extracurricular activities provided by our school as a service to our students. Therefore, they are completely free of charge.

In the first two weeks of the first term, parents/students are provided with a “Club Preference Form” which enables parents/students to choose their desired club(s). Normally, a student can enroll in only one club at a time. However, if the club schedules fit, enrollment into a second club is still possible.

Any special equipment and/or supplies must be provided by the parent. It is strongly recommended to consult with the club instructor in order to know what exactly is necessary.

All club sessions are usually conducted after school twice a week within a period from Monday to Friday. Club sessions commence after the second week of the academic year and are completed two weeks before the school year finishes.

If you have any questions related to club activities, please email our Clubs Coordinator at clubs@spectrum.edu.kz. Moreover, you may wish to watch our school clubs video here.

The following is the list of clubs which are on offer in our school.

No Club title Description/Remark
1 Gymnastics For grades 1-5
2 Dombyra (Kazakh musical instrument) For grades 1-5 (in Kazakh)
3 Dance For grades 1-5 (in Kazakh)
4 Chess For grades 1-5 (in Kazakh)
5 Glee Club (Choir) For grades 1-5 (in English)
6 Swimming For 3rd and upper grades (in Kazakh)
7 Piano Club For 3rd and upper grades (in English)
8 Mind Games For 3rd and upper grades (in English)
9 Fine Art For grades 4-9 (in English)
10 Drama Club For grades 4-11 (in English)
11 Recorder (flute) Club Anyone having a recorder (in English)
12 Karate For all grades (in Russian)
13 Toguz kumalak (Kazakh mancala game) For all grades (in Kazakh)
14 Basketball For all grades
15 Kazakh language For all grades
16 Turkish language For all grades
17 French language For all grades
18 Chinese language For all grades
19 Hand craft For female students
20 Robotics For grades 6-9
21 Football For grades 6-11 (male students only)
22 Wrestling For grades 6-11
23 Chess For grades 6-11 (in English)
24 Debate club For grades 6-11 (in English)
25 Mathematics Club For grades 6-11 (in English)
26 Science Club For grades 6-11 (in English)
27 Media Club For grades 6-11 (in English)
28 Environmental Club For grades 6-11 (in English)