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CUPS Positive Behaviour System

Rather than have a list of rules for students to follow, we wish students to develop an understanding of how one behaves in an internationally minded manner and to reward positive behaviour more regularly.

Spectrum International School Primary Reward System

The purpose in line with our mission, vision and core values aims to encourage our students to have a sense of pride in their achievements as well as developing team and community spirit.

Students earn points for different behaviour.

CUPS stands for:

C = Collaboration and Teamwork,

U = Ultra Academic,

P = Positive Behaviour and

S = Super Sport for their Academic and Non-Academic achievement.

Students can be rewarded 1,2 or 3 CUPS for a variety of reasons. These points are throughout the year and students should aim for the Diamond certificate by the end of the year. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond certificates will be given as children gain 80, 160, 260 and 375 CUPS.  Prizes from Vice Principals and The Principal for outstanding students after they receive Diamond. CUPS are recorded on wall charts; trophy shaped and tallied each week for:

  • The Star of the week. Star of the week to be presented with the star of the week certificate.  1 Student per week per class only.


Points are given for:

1 CUP  (Isolated achievement – kindness, good work, helpfulness)

  • Modelling good behaviour
  • Great manners (holding doors open, excuse me,)
  • Showing good behaviour that they normally find difficult (trying hard to sit nicely on the carpet, answer questions, start tasks straight away)
  • Sharing (without being asked)
  • Following any of the Class Rules without prompts.
  • Following carpet time rules.
  • Great homework

2 CUPS  (Sustained achievement – good behaviour, achieved target, creative homework)

  • Achieving targets and goals set by the teacher (over a period of time)
  • Any of the number 1 cup criteria but over an extended period of time (to show the constantly well-behaved children that they are recogSISed)
  • Work of a very high standard.
  • Persisting with a task they find challenging without adult intervention

3 CUPS  (Special / exceptional achievement – Something above and beyond the norm)

  • Outstanding achievements that are considerably higher than normal expectations.
  • Representing the school
  • Gaining a state award from outside agency