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English Language Support

Medium of instruction

As an international school, we serve students from many countries and language backgrounds. Therefore, English is the language of instruction and the common language for all students in our school. The exception to this is when students are attending another language lesson (such as Kazakh or Russian).

Although not everyone speaks Kazakh or Russian and not all teachers speak the other languages of our students, translation will not be used in class. Our teachers are trained to serve students with varying language backgrounds and are well prepared to help students understand concepts through a variety of other means in English.

Parents may ask help from class assistants to get in contact with class/subject teachers and translate any announcement, notice, information, etc. since class assistants are able to speak English, Kazakh and Russian. 


English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme

The objective of the EAL programme is to enable the inclusion of the EAL students into the mainstream class. Students are required to have a certain level of English proficiency according to the year level they are applying to enter. We work with our EAL team in cooperation with the class/subject teachers as well as parents to enable the EAL students’ transition into the mainstream class. Spectrum offers English language support that is for students who feel to be more comfortable receiving instruction at their level of proficiency. Away from their normal English language classes, an EAL teacher teaches English at an appropriate level until students gain confidence, have passed evaluation and recommendation to return to their regular classes.