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As a non-profit organisation, we aim to sustain an affordable amount of school fees which could best reflect the value and services offered at the school. All fees are reviewed annually by the Board and announced to the public in April of each year.


Tuition fees 


School level 2014-2015 enrolment 2015-2016 enrolment 2016-2017 and       2017-2018 and      2018-2019 and  2019-2020 



1-5 classes

Primary 4.400.000 4.400.000 4.700.000

6-8 classes

Secondary 1 4.500.000 4.900.000 5.200.000
9-10 classes IGCSE 4.700.000 5.400.000


11-12 classes  AS/A Levels 4.700.000 5.800.000



Our tuition fees include:

  • regular classroom instruction (but not preps, supplementary and extra-curricular activities);
  • course textbooks;
  • a set of school uniform;
  • a set of PE kit.



The school meal is provided by a catering company that is contracted with the school and, therefore, parents need to make separate agreements with the company if they wish to have their children eat at school. The company has an office at the school where parents can refer to regarding contracts, suggestions and complaints about food and its services.

School Uniform and PE Kit

Once enrolled into the school, a student’s parent/carer will be provided with an official written evidence of enrollment with student details and referred to designated shopping venues located downtown and maintained by local textile companies to receive a specific set of uniform and a PE kit for the student. The uniform and PE kit will be available from early August to early June throughout the academic year.



Spectrum offers sibling discounts: 10% of the younger sibling’s fee is deducted or if there are three or more siblings, 15% of the youngest sibling’s fee is deducted. Spectrum also offers prepayment discounts: if the tuition fee is fully paid before the date indicated in the parent contract, a 5% discount is provided. However, if a payment of the tuition fee is made by lending through the banking institution, the above discount is not provided.

Other Information

Please be informed that parents have to pay for any kinds of expenses that are not mentioned above such as school uniform, school meals, transportation, trips, etc. No documents (report cards, transcripts, certificates of attendance, etc.) will be issued if there are outstanding fees. All fees must be deposited to the school’s bank account. Please be notified that the school accountants do not accept cash. For more detailed information regarding the school fee and bank accounts, please refer to the school accountant.