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Spectrum1Affiliate of BILIM ORDA Foundation, Spectrum International School is a private non-profit educational institution operating in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative documents of the international educational organizations, regulations on the affiliate of BILIM ORDA and Charter of the School.

BILIM ORDA, as the Governing Board of the School, is the superior body determining the key directions of the School’s activity and its development policy. The Board is responsible for protecting and ensuring the continued existence and future of the School.

The Board appoints the Principal who is responsible for the direction, leadership, and coordination of students and staff in their efforts to reach educational goals adopted by the School Board.

The Principal is authorized to form the Senior Management Team (SMT) including the Principal, Vice Principals for Pastoral Care, Heads of Primary and Secondary Schools, Vice Principal for International Programmes. The SMT, under the direction of the Principal, is charged with the administration, supervision, and operation of the individual school program. It is the Vice Principals’ responsibility to see that the school functions within the framework of regulations of the Principal and the policies of the Board.