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Health and Safety

We realise it is our prime duty to ensure that our facilities provide for the health and safety of our students, staff and visitors. We conduct regular maintenance services and run periodic rehearsals to address any emergency situations requiring evacuation.

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24/7 camera surveillance

The school building and premises are constantly being surveilled by over 200 cameras that operate 24/7.


The school’s infirmary is well equipped and resourced. The school doctors keep extensive medical records of all children and staff members including specific individual cases so as to ensure the school is safe and clean. The doctors periodically conduct checks and vaccination procedures as stipulated by local authorities. The doctors also inform students and parents about some illnesses and preventive measures, local health requirements, etc.


Vaccination is a strict requirement for all school children and is meticulously monitored by local health authorities. This could even impede enrolment to schools if not fulfilled properly. Local authorities conduct vaccination procedures of school-age children with the help of schools so our students and parents are kindly informed that from time to time we will formally notify them when such action takes place.

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Staff, students and visitors at Spectrum have the right to learn, work and be present in a safe and secure environment. So the school conducts fire drills twice a year in order to practice emergency building evacuations. Moreover, we implement lockdown drills twice a year so as to ensure our students, staff and visitors know how to protect themselves in the event of a major incident or threat of violence at the school.