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Home Visits

A home visit is an inexpensive and easily replicated model of family engagement that has been proven to end the cycle of blame between families and school staff by building trust and respect, instilling cultural competency and increasing personal and professional capacity for all involved. Home visits also provide a positive opportunity so that families are meaningfully informed of their child’s academic standing and personal development.

The concept behind the Home Visits is simple. Rather than limiting ourselves to official parent-teacher relationships, teachers and parents come together as equal partners to build trust and form a relationship where they can take the time to share dreams, expectations, experiences and resources.

At the beginning of each academic year, we inform parents of the positive impacts and successful implementations of these visits and, bearing in mind our parents’ availability, try to schedule dates for the home visit.

Parents repeatedly say that home visits have given them a partnering relationship with their child’s teacher, and new confidence in their involvement with their child’s education.

Teachers repeatedly mention that home visits are worth the time they take. Teachers say that home visits have made them more skilled, culturally competent and connected, and simply happier, with less burnout.

Trust – and deepened relationships – among teachers, parents and students are at the core of the success of the parent/teacher home visits, as is a shared understanding that the whole purpose of the visit is to improve the achievement and life opportunities of students.