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Learning Support

23843177_1499199400148868_2991515979061462815_nWe believe that successful learning outcomes may be achieved if a broad and balanced support is provided for the students. Extensive work is undertaken by our professional learning support team that provide meaningful assistance and advice to children who have different learning needs.

At the beginning of each academic year our speech therapist carries out an evaluation of each child to find out if they require any assistance regarding speech and/or language disorders. Once such students are detected, they follow a special programme under the speech therapist’s guidance.

The school has a designated educational psychologist to assist students with counselling and advisory programmes. The psychologist liaises with homeroom teachers, attends classes and monitors students all year round to gather as much evidence to determine the type of programme each student needs. The programmes are accessible to all students and any student may refer to the psychologist for guidance. Another main aspect of the psychologist’s duties is to reveal students with potential psychological problems and to provide professional support to them.