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Merit & Demerit System

Discipline at Spectrum is meant to be educational and positive, rather than merely punitive and negative. This aspect of student life stems from a professional and genuine concern for the welfare of both the individual and the community. As such, the school views discipline as a learning experience designed to enhance the development of an individual’s growth towards maturing, self-discipline, and the fostering of an internal set of controls, which allows one to efficiently function as a contributing member of society. Thus, the individual’s own good, as well as the common good is promoted.

School implements “Merits and Demerits Disciplinary System” to handle disciplinary issues among the Grades 6 and above. Each pupil has 100 behaviour points at the beginning of an academic year. For a demerit, corresponding point is deducted from his behaviour points. There are severe interventions if he/she drops under a certain level of points. For a merit, he/she gains some points. If a student manages to collect a certain level of points then he/she is certificated and/or rewarded.

The system framework is divided into these main parts:

  1. Merits
  2. General Demerits
  3. Academic Demerits
  4. Dress Code Demerits
  5. Serious Demerits
  6. Crimes

Merit/Demerit of a student is recorded into a logbook by the relevant staff member. All records are revised by the Vice Principal (Pastoral Care). Students who are subjected to addition/deduction of disciplinary points are announced on a regular basis.

These are the levels of merit and demerit disciplinary system in Spectrum which presuppose an appropriate consequential action throughout the academic year:

  • 300 points or above – Merit Level 3
  • Between 200 and 299 – Merit Level 2
  • Between 150 and 199 – Merit Level 1
  • Between 91 and 149 – Standard Level
  • Between 81 and 90 – Demerit Level 1
  • Between 71 and 80 – Demerit Level 2
  • Between 61 and 70 – Demerit Level 3
  • Between 51 and 60 – Demerit Level 4
  • Between 41 and 50 – Demerit Level 5
  • Between 21 and 40 – Demerit Level 6
  • Between 1 and 20 – Demerit Level 7
  • Zero point or below – Demerit Level 8

The framework is available here.