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Parent Teacher Association

Parents are important members of our school community whose role plays a vital part in the progress that their child will make in the school. We sincerely hope that parents will participate as much as they can in all of our activities and we welcome parental involvement at all times. In the first class parents’ meeting of an academic session, a head parent and an assistant parent are elected among the volunteers by the parents of the class. Head parent and/or his/her assistant represent the class in Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meetings.

Aims of the PTA

  • Foster positive relationships between the school and families pertaining to the wellbeing of the school community (students, parents, staff and faculty)
  • To afford the study and discussion of all matters relating to the welfare of the children and to support and enrich teaching and learning experiences, recognizing that the Principal is the responsible authority in the school.
  • To support the school’s projects that aim to foster students’ social responsibility and involvement in community service.

Code of Ethics of the PTA

The school PTA members pledge:

  • To act with integrity, and do everything possible to maintain the dignity of the office of a school PTA member.
  • To carry out duties objectively, and consider all information and opinions presented to the PTA in making decisions, without bias.
  • To work with other PTA members in a spirit of respect, openness, cooperation and proper decorum, in spite of differences of opinion that may arise during debate.
  • To express contrary opinion respectfully and honestly, and without making disparaging remarks, in or outside PTA meetings, about other PTA members or their opinions.
  • To communicate, and conduct relationship with staff, the community, other schools and the media in a manner that focuses on facts.
  • To keep confidential information obtained as a PTA member, and not to discuss those matters outside the meetings of the PTA.
  • To endeavour to participate in PTA meetings to enhance one’s ability in fulfilling obligations as a school PTA member.

To support the value of education, and will endeavour to participate, and encourage the parents in class to participate, in activities that support or promote education at Spectrum.