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Parental Involvement

Most children have two main educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Parents are the prime educators until the child attends an early years setting or starts school and they remain a major influence on their children’s learning throughout school and beyond. The school and parents both have crucial roles to play.

Parental involvement with children from an early age has been found to equate with better outcomes (particularly in terms of cognitive development). What parents do is more important than who they are for children’s early development. Evidence indicates that parental involvement continues to have a significant effect on achievement into adolescence and even adulthood. Research found that very high parental interest is associated with better exam results compared to children whose parents show no interest.

At Spectrum we do believe that parental involvement is one of the key factors affecting students’ academic performance and personal development and, therefore, expect that our parents should actively support and contribute to the learning process. In this regard, we are delighted to involve parents in the work of our Parent Teacher Association, school activities and events. We take pride in our close home-school partnership that is achieved through home visits conducted by our faculty on a regular basis. Our parents are encouraged to attend most of our school events ranging from Parent Teacher Conferences to student concerts so as to ensure positive outcomes for our students.