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Pastoral Care Programme

The Pastoral Care Program at Spectrum facilitates both the personal and academic care of students. This programme utilises a positive psychological approach in order to achieve student well-being. In particular the Pastoral Care Programme has a focus on the concepts of gratitude, the identification of personal strengths, and the development of positive relationships, responsibility, leadership skills, and integrity.

In Primary school, students work through a specially designed Pastoral Care Programme on a weekly basis with their homeroom teacher and teaching assistant. This programme incorporates issues such as understanding self, recognising good and bad behaviour, being friendly, making friends, and working with others.

In Secondary school, there is a homeroom teacher who is in charge of delivering the Pastoral Care Programme and meets with students daily for mentoring and monitoring, and in order to undertake an extensive Pastoral Care Programme. In order to cater for the varying developmental phases of students across their secondary schooling, the Pastoral Care Programme is based on the conceptual framework prepared by the National Academy of Education of Kazakhstan and specifically tailored to the needs of the school community.

The Pastoral Care Programme is firmly based on Spectrum’s guiding statements and is delivered through a variety of structured activities including guest lecturers, home visits and presentations. Camps and other external activities complement the in-school programme. The range of experiences offered by the school ensures that students are extended spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. The programme is also supported by CUPS Positive Behaviour System in Primary and Merit Demerit Disciplinary System in Secondary that lays out ways the school handles conduct issues.