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Reporting and Assessment

Pre-determined by the School Administration, the assessment policy of the School consists of several main components which include examinations, homework, classwork and practical work. All of these components have different weighting according to the grade levels and subjects. Students are given grades out of 100 for each component. The teachers are encouraged to enter a range of grades under each component. The number of examinations is determined by the Administration according to the load of the subject in each grade level. The dates of the examinations are offered by the teachers but it is at the discretion of the Administration to shift or suggest the new dates so as to avoid examinations overload on students. Practical works may vary from subject to subject but mainly students are required to do projects, individual/group tasks, writing essays, etc. At the end of the term students term marks are calculated automatically with a view to the criteria set below.

Basing on term marks, a final annual mark is calculated by producing the average mean of the term marks.

The term and annual marks are formed in accord with the criteria which is as follows:

  • between 80 % – 100 % is 5 (Excellent)
  • between 60 % – 79 % is 4 (Good)
  • between 40 % – 59 % is 3 (Satisfactory)
  • between 0 % – 39 % is 2 (Fail)

Students are awarded a “Certificate of Merit” if they succeed to get a yearly average of “5” for each subject at the end of the academic year and students are awarded a “Certificate of Honour” if they succeed to get an average of “5” for each subject at the end of each term.