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With regards to its vision, Spectrum International School has made the decision to introduce three types of scholarships with the main reason being is to increase competitiveness and diversity among students.

There are 3 types of scholarship with different purposes:

Bilim Orda Scholarship

As per our vision, SIS will invite students of the highest standard to study in our school.

Merit-Based Scholarship

In line with our mission, we want to keep our SIS family together by recognising and rewarding students’ hard work and dedication.

Spectrum Grant

We will provide assistance to those external candidates who might not be able to meet the expense of our school fees, who thrive academically and have impeccable conduct.


The scholarships committee

  • Principal
  • Vice Principals of the School
  • A Member of Board of Trustees who was selected from the Foundation
  • Finance Manager from the Bilim-Orda Foundation
  • School Counselor
  • Admissions Officer



4 February – 13 March – submitting applications for the Spectrum IS Scholarship Programme  

20  March – a shortlist of candidates will be announced 

11-13th April   – shortlisted candidates sit an online test

11-13th April  – shortlisted are invited for interviews

12th May – Announce the winners

25th May –  Original documents submission



View the Scholarships and requirements

📕Bilim Orda Scholarship

📕 Merit-Based Scholarship

📕 Spectrum Grant