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School Guiding Statements

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring up knowledgeable and well-mannered young people who can contribute peace to the world through mutual understanding and respect. This is achieved in a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures a community feeling where the emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs of all children will be met within an international environment. 

Vision Statement

Spectrum International School will deliver the highest standard of education in Kazakhstan for local and foreign citizens. 

Core Values

S = Self-reliance: Self-reliance means respecting our own experiences, ideas and traits. It means that we trust decisions that we make for ourselves and do not have to rely on other to help us solve problems, complete work or make decisions.

P = Principled: Always behaving, acting, speaking honestly and following the accepted morals of society; behaving in a moral way.

E = Empathetic: Our ability to share and understand someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s position at that time.

C = Cooperative: We can work together happily and willingly for our common goals. Demonstrating a willingness to cooperate with all stakeholders of the school.

T = Trustworthy: We mean here that all involved with the school are deserving of trust, can be confidential, dependable and reliable.

R = Respectful: We will be recognised and characterised by our showing of politeness and deference to all without bias.

U = United: We act with oneness in our thoughts, feelings etc showing concord, harmony and agreement.Working together to reach the same goals.

M = Motivated: This means to us that we are eager to accomplish our own goals using our skills, knowledge on understanding.


Internationalism – is how our school develops better global awareness and a sense of value for other cultures through our interactions with the global society


Interculturalism – the acceptance of other races, cultures and religions by the school community evidenced by our lessons and activities within our school