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School Meal

The meal periods are meant to be a time of relaxation as well as a time to eat. Spectrum students may have breakfast, lunch and snack on schooldays. Students are offered a hot, healthy, nutritious and well balanced meal. The food is freshly prepared and cooked in the kitchen on school premises. All meals are prepared under supervision of the school dietician in order to ensure the standards of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan are met appropriately. Weekly menu is available on EduPage and the relevant notice board at the school.

The meal is provided by a catering company that is contracted with the school and, therefore, parents need to make separate agreements with the company if they wish to have their children eat at school. The company has an office at the school where parents can refer to regarding contracts, suggestions and complaints about food and its services. Alternatively, parents can contact the catering company at asordasy@gmail.com.    



Students, parents, staff and visitors can use the school canteens for recreation and having snack. Bearing in mind that aperitifs cause appetite to diminish and are not considered healthy prior to meals, students are encouraged not to purchase anything to eat from canteen just before the meals. Although there is no unhealthy food or drink (such as gum or acidic beverages) sold in the canteen, the homeroom teachers and/or teacher assistants should be informed about the student’s nutrition habits against illnesses, allergies, obesity, etc. In order to prevent our students from food poisoning, the school administration requests the students not to bring food to school without prior permission even for special occasions like birthdays and celebrations. We understand that students and parents may wish to celebrate a birthday with some cake and pastry and, therefore, the catering company can take orders for various kinds of pastry for an additional reasonable fee. Please make such orders at the school canteen well in advance so as to make sure your order is processed on time for your special event.