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Summer & Winter Schools

In Spectrum we aspire to engage our students in continuous learning deploying different techniques which enable full immersion in positive first hand experiences including participation in summer and winter school programmes. The programmes we offer range from on-site camps to international trips during different times of the year.

In summer our youngest students in Primary enjoy five-day-long camps held on school premises which aim at developing multiple skills they need in life. Lower Secondary students generally go on residential events held away from urban rush in tourist resorts by Burabay Lake located in a mixed steppe and forest and hilly upland.

School also offers various summer and winter school packages to popular international destinations such as UK, USA and Europe. Specially geared to students between 11 and 17 years, fun-packed few weeks of language classes combined with numerous social and sporting activities have a real international flavour, with young people from many different countries coming together to study English and take part in activities. So far our students have greatly enjoyed these trips as they are tailored to our students’ needs and this all happens accompanied by one of our school staff so parents know their children are with someone they know and trust.