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Year Group Structure

Prospective students are admitted on the basis of appropriateness of the school’s programmes to their needs. The age of admission for the school is based on the student’s age on 31st August before the start of the school year. The Principal may, at his discretion, allow flexibility of up to one year where appropriate; e.g. a student of Grade 5 age could be placed in Grade 4 or 6 depending on their educational background.



Age range of each grade is given in the following table:

Age Range Grade Cambridge examinations Curriculum Stages
5-6 1 Cambridge Primary
6-7 2
7-8 3  Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
8-9 4
9-10 5
10-11 6 Cambridge Secondary 1
11-12 7  Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint
12-13 8
13-14 9  Cambridge IGCSE Cambridge Secondary 2
14-15 10
15-16 11 Cambridge International AS Level Cambridge Advanced
16-17 12 Cambridge International A Level