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Main information

Our Primary school subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Studies, Music, Art, Global Perspectives and PE, all taught in English, plus Kazakh Language and a choice of another Language(Turkish, Russian or French). Particular attention is paid to the development of the English language to facilitate the further education of the child in our school. Students whose English is limited will be given lessons to accelerate their learning to a level whereby they are able to assess their grade level.

Main exams and tests

All classes from Grades 2-5 are assessed anually using the Cambridge Primary Progression assessments. Check Points are conducted at the end of Grade 5.

Each term, student learning is assessed on a regular basis depending on the number of units completed in the term.

Data from the term Grades and assessments is used by teachers to establish individual learning plans for those who need to improve and lesson planning for the next term is drawn up to improve the academic performance of each child. Student performance is regularly discussed with parents.


As a first step, parents can visit the Spectrum International School campus of their choice. This can be done by filling out the form below and the reception manager will contact you to agree on the time and date of the meeting. Parents who are unable to complete the campus visit form can call the admissions office and make an appointment by phone.


You need to sign up for an entrance assessment. This assessment is the basis for enrolling students in specific classes.


Accreditation is a form of certification in which an independent body will verify that a school or academic program meets minimum academic standards. It ensures that the academic credential a student works so hard to obtain means something substantial, and that it will be recognized as such by employers and other post-secondary institutions.  

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Nursaule Dauletali
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