Ценовая политика

Grad 2020 - 2021 y.
Grades 1-5 5 300 000  ₸
Grades 6-8 5 800 000  ₸
Grades 9-10 6 450 000  ₸
Grades 11-12 7 000 000  ₸



The school meal is provided by a catering company that is contracted with the school and, therefore, parents need to make separate agreements with the company if they wish to have their children eat at school. The company has an office at the school where parents can refer to regarding contracts, suggestions and complaints about food and its services.

School Uniform

The uniform and PE kit will be available from early August to early June throughout the academic year. School Uniform will be delivered by a local company at the school in August. Once enrolled into the school, a student’s parent/carer will be provided with an official written evidence of enrollment with student details and referred to designated shopping venues located downtown and maintained by local textile companies to receive a set a PE kit for the student.


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