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Main information

A level (advanced level qualifications) is a subject qualification for students aged 16 and over. They are usually studied over 2 years and lead to qualifications recognized for admission to higher education institutions in the UK and many other countries around the world. Most higher education institutions require a minimum of 3 subjects. Most universities and institutes of higher education recognize the A level as a suitable qualification for admission.

Main exams and tests

There are several different examination boards that assess the A level. Most often, international schools use Edexcel or CIA (Cambridge International Assessment).

There are no compulsory subjects with A-Level. Instead, students can choose subjects that interest them the most or that they believe will be most useful for their future studies or careers. Students usually study subjects in English and Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Psychology, Economics, Arts, Information Technology, and Modern Foreign Languages.


Students are enrolled in the school for the entire academic year. However, for better adaptation of the child to educational programs, it is recommended to register the child at the beginning of the semester or the academic year.

You need to order a call by filling out the form below or by calling. The Spectrum International School Admissions Manager will contact you with full information on classroom availability and possible dates for the entrance exam.

The entrance exam is a mandatory step for all applicants to Spectrum International School. The exam questions are compiled according to educational programs focusing on logical questions and knowledge of the English language.


Accreditation is a form of certification in which an independent body will verify that a school or academic program meets minimum academic standards. It ensures that the academic credential a student works so hard to obtain means something substantial, and that it will be recognized as such by employers and other post-secondary institutions.  

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