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Council of International Schools (CIS)

CIS is an international accreditation that reflects the school's dedication to delivering high-quality education, benefiting the school community, prospective families, educational leaders, teachers, universities, embassies, governmental bodies, and global organizations.

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

NEASC, established in 1885, is the oldest regional accrediting association in the U.S., serving over 1,899 schools and post-secondary institutions across six states and over 220 American and International Schools in 68 countries.

IAAR Cambridge

Pearson Edexcel - Pearson Edexcel is the UK's largest awarding body and we are regulated by Ofqual (England), SQA Accreditation (Scotland), CCEA Accreditation (Northern Ireland) and Qualifications Wales (Wales). We offer academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognized and benchmarked, with educational excellence rooted in names like Edexcel and BTEC.

Ministry of Enlightenment

College Board (SAT)-  Spectrum International School offers SAT tests starting from March 2018, providing students with convenient access to this opportunity. SAT tests are administered worldwide at various test centers. The College Board, a non-profit organization, oversees the SAT, which is developed and scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Oxford Exams Center

ECIS - Spectrum International School has been awarded Premium Membership status by ECIS, an association of international schools founded in 1965, headquartered in London, UK. ECIS offers professional development opportunities for international educators, including conferences, workshops, online learning, certificates, governance programs, and consultancy services.