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Brain Rain

At Spectrum International School, we extend the engaging Brain Rain activity to both parents and students. Brain Rain sessions are designed to provide a shared intellectual experience for families, fostering a love for learning and challenging the mind. Parents and students come together to participate in brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, and quizzes that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. These sessions create a collaborative and stimulating environment where families can bond, share ideas, and enhance their cognitive abilities. By involving parents in Brain Rain, we encourage a supportive home learning environment and strengthen the partnership between home and school in fostering a lifelong love for learning.


At Spectrum International School, we join an exciting event called KVN (Klub Veselykh i Nakhodchivykh or Club of Funny and Inventive) inspired by the popular Russian comedy show. KVN is a countrywide battle where students showcase their talent in jokes, acting skills, and humor. The event brings together students from different schools, creating a lively and competitive atmosphere. Participants engage in entertaining performances, skits, and improvisations, showcasing their wit and creativity. KVN not only provides a platform for students to showcase their comedic talents but also fosters teamwork, confidence, and public speaking skills. It is a highly anticipated event that promotes laughter, camaraderie, and a joyful spirit among students.
Robotics A robotics club is a gathering of students who are interested in learning about and working with robots. At school, robotics clubs typically take place after school, in a classroom, and are moderated by a member of the teaching staff or school administration. At robotics competitions, teams of students must design and build a robot that can compete against opponents in a series of specific challenges.

Unity Day

Unity Day at Spectrum International School is a special event that celebrates diversity and promotes cultural understanding. As part of the event, we organize a stand fair of cultures, where students showcase their heritage through displays, traditional costumes, artifacts, and food. This fair provides an opportunity for students to learn about different cultures and traditions, fostering respect and appreciation for diversity. Additionally, our talented students showcase their skills and talents through performances held in prominent local malls, allowing the wider community to experience and celebrate the diverse talents within our school. Unity Day at Spectrum International School is a joyful celebration that promotes unity, inclusivity, and multiculturalism.


At Spectrum International School, we are proud to host the World Scholars Cup (WSC) event. WSC is an international academic tournament that brings together students from different schools and countries to engage in a diverse range of activities, including debate, collaborative writing, and quiz competitions. As hosts, we provide a welcoming and supportive environment for participants, ensuring a smooth and successful event. WSC fosters critical thinking, teamwork, and global awareness among our students, as they connect with peers from around the world. It is an enriching experience that promotes intellectual growth, cultural exchange, and lifelong learning for all involved.


Spectrum International School takes great pride in hosting the prestigious Owlypia competition. Owlypia is an international academic competition that challenges students in various fields, including arts, sciences, literature, social sciences, and more. As hosts, we provide a platform for students to showcase their knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The event brings together talented students from different schools, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and intellectual growth. Owlypia at Spectrum International School promotes academic excellence, encourages interdisciplinary learning, and cultivates a passion for lifelong learning. It is an honor to host this esteemed event and provide an enriching experience for students to shine and expand their intellectual horizons.


At Spectrum International School, we celebrate Nauryz, the Kazakh cultural New Year, with great enthusiasm and respect for Kazakh traditions. Nauryz is a joyous and vibrant celebration that signifies the arrival of spring and new beginnings. During this event, our students and staff come together to participate in various activities, including traditional Kazakh music and dance performances, cultural displays, and games. We highlight the significance of Nauryz by showcasing Kazakh customs, cuisine, and traditional attire. This celebration fosters cultural awareness, appreciation, and unity, allowing our students to learn about and embrace the rich heritage of Kazakhstan