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Cambridge assessment international education

In addition to studying at the Spectrum International School, you can pass international exams for admission to foreign universities. This opportunity opens up not only for Spectrum students but also for external students on a paid basis. You can leave your details or contact us for a full consultation 

Please contact the Examinations Officer for any information at

English as an additional language (EAL) is English language intervention for students whose level of English is low and who require specialized courses to develop English language proficiency. It takes place during the mainstream English lessons with a specialised EAL teacher and in reduced groups of the same level.

The intervention can last from one term only to four terms depending on the starting level and improvement of the student. EAL teacher, classroom teachers and Students Services coordinator assess each student termly to aid in their transition to mainstream English. 

The aim is that the student progresses rapidly so they can join their peers for English as soon as they are ready.

Cambridge assessment admission testing

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is part of the University of Cambridge. We produce admissions tests for higher education institutions and government ministries worldwide. Our assessments support selection and help to enable fair access to higher education and the workplace, measuring applicants potential for success. 

The Spectrum Exam Centre is an open centre for Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. 

The following exams are available: 

  • BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) 
  • Classics Admissions Test (CAT) 
  • English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT) 
  • History Aptitude Test (HAT) 
  • Mathematics Aptitude Test (MAT) 
  • Modern Languages Admissions Test (MLAT) 
  • Oriental Languages Aptitude Test (OLAT) 
  • Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) 
  • University of Oxford Philosophy Test Test of Mathematics for University Admissions (TMUA) 
  • Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)
Cambridge assessment english

Cambridge Assessment English delivers qualifications and tests in over 130 countries to over 5.5 million people every year. They offer comprehensive preparation, support materials and resources for learning and teaching English which are based on years of research and in-depth understanding of how people learn languages. Their work is supported around the world by a network of 2,800 exam centres, over 50,000 schools and tens of thousands of examiners, teachers, education experts and publishers. Cambridge Assessment English is a division of Cambridge Assessment.

Cambridge Assessment English Fees (in KZT) 

Pre A1 Starters 22000 KZT

A1 Movers 25000 KZT

A2 Flyers 27000 KZT

A2 Key A2 Key for Schools 31000 KZT

B1 Preliminary 32000 KZT

B2 First B2 First for Schools B1 Preliminary for Schools 70000 KZT

C1 Advanced 70000TKT (per module) 23000 KZT

CEPT Cambridge English Placement Test 7000 KZT (5000 KZT for 20+ candidates)