Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is a comprehensive program? what program do you teach?

The educational process at the School is carried out based on an integrated educational curriculum, independently developed by the School taking into account the requirements of the State Compulsory Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Cambridge international curriculum

How is the Cambridge program different from the IB?
IB Levels (Cambridge)
Accepted worldwide Accepted worldwide
6 required courses
As a rule, there are 3 subjects
You must choose at least
one subject from the 5 categories
The choice is entirely up to you
Focus on the student profile and
links between the different
Strong concentration
on selected subjects
and their in-depth study
What certificates will I receive upon completion of your school?

After completing the full course of study and successful final certification, students are issued a document on receipt of state-issued secondary education and/or A-level certificates, as well as a diploma from the school

At what age are you admitted to school?

Following paragraph 1 of Art. 31 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” and clause 9 of the Model Rules for Admission to Education in secondary education, organizations admit children to first grade from the age of six.

Children from the age of 5 are admitted to first grade if they turn 6 years old by the end of December of the current year.