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for children aged 5-11
About Spectrum_IS Primary

Spectrum_IS Primary offers a high standard of education based on the Cambridge Primary international standards. The school individualizes learning by tailoring programmes to meet the needs of each pupil. Pupils have access to international qualifications such as Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.

Teaching at Spectrum_IS Primary is delivered by internationally qualified teachers who promote the development of children's critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

Broad and balanced program

The program develops skills and understanding in a wide range of subjects including English, mathematics and science. It enables us to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriate to the context, culture and ethos of our schools.

Spectrum_IS School, taking into account the age profile of the children, divides the elementary school into 2 stages, Key Stage 1 (grades 0-2) and Key Stage 2 (grades 3-5).

The program is based on the principle that education is most effective when children are taught in a playful and creative way in Key Stage 1, and in Key Stage 2 move on to more structured and academically oriented learning.


Spectrum_IS School offers a clear and adaptable curriculum to meet the individual needs and interests of our students. The program covers over 10 subjects including English, Maths and Science to ensure a well-rounded development.

Our teachers and pupils are provided with comprehensive support and resources from CAIE. Spectrum_IS School gives access to a wide range of materials and professional development, enabling them to effectively utilize modern teaching methods and a deep understanding of each pupil's potential. 


Spectrum_IS School provides our students with flexible assessment opportunities, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, unlocking their potential and achieving their best results.

Assessment of Potential: Cambridge CEM

The school uses Cambridge CEM computer-based tests for pupils aged 5 to 11 to identify their learning needs and assess their potential. These adaptive tests quickly and accurately identify pupils' abilities in key academic skills.

Feedback: Classroom assessment

In the classroom, students at Spectrum_Is School are encouraged to use discussions, observations, and lesson results for assessment. Our teachers provide formative feedback to help pupils develop the skills they need and improve their results.

Progress monitoring: Cambridge Progression Tests

Cambridge Progression Tests are administered at Spectrum_Is School to test pupils' knowledge, skills and understanding in core subjects such as English, math and science. These tests are assessed by teachers and help to monitor pupils' progress at each stage of their learning.

Achievement check: Cambridge Checkpoint

At the end of the primary program (Year 5) we use Cambridge Checkpoint to monitor individual and group pupil progress. Schools receive a diagnostic report and pupils receive an achievement report. These tests, assessed by Cambridge International, provide objective and accurate feedback that we can share with parents.

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