Elif Yeldos from Spectrum International School Wins Gold at the NEOscience International Olympiad!

Students at Spectrum International School continue to demonstrate high levels of academic achievement on the international stage. This time, the spotlight is on Elif Yeldos from Grade 4B, who became a finalist and gold medalist at the NEOscience International Olympiad held in New Jersey.

At this prestigious olympiad, Elif won several awards:

  • Absolute winner in Coding among 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Elif showcased exceptional coding skills, outpacing his peers and winning the gold medal.
  • Absolute winner in Mathematics among 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. His brilliant mathematical abilities also earned him a gold medal.
  • Second place in the AI Challenge. Elif demonstrated excellent knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence, securing an honorable second place.

These achievements highlight the high level of preparation and dedication to learning that characterize the students of Spectrum International School. Elif's success inspires and motivates other students to strive for excellence and overcome any challenges.

We are incredibly proud of Elif and his outstanding accomplishments. We wish him continued success and further academic growth. His achievements reaffirm Spectrum International School's status as an educational institution that provides its students with opportunities to unlock their potential and reach great heights in their studies and life.

Congratulations to Elif on his remarkable achievements, and we wish him continued success!