Bilim Orda

The BilimOrda International Foundation (BOF) and Bilim Innovation, since their inception in 1996, have operated a network of more than 30 secondary schools and a university across Kazakhstan, including our Spectrum International School.

Our aim is to develop multilingual, educated young people who are able to uphold national values and thrive in a global context. The school's students are record-breakers in the number of medals won at national and international competitions and Olympiads, and have successfully represented Kazakhstan on the national team for many years. Spectrum International School promotes the sharing of best practices and quality standards, which enriches the educational experience of our students.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Spectrum International School is proud of its partnership with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), which allows our students to actively participate in initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education and broadening cultural awareness.

Our teachers participate in professional training sessions and seminars that contribute to their professional development and improve the learning process.

Spectrum International School students can participate in various UNESCO projects and initiatives such as exchange programmes, cultural festivals, and scientific conferences, contributing to their all-round development and preparing them for an active role in a global society. It also provides a unique opportunity to contribute to global issues such as sustainable development, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting peaceful coexistence. This not only enriches their learning experience but also builds their sense of responsibility and desire to make the world a better place.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (The Duke of Ed)

Spectrum International School focuses on our students' Individual Development Plan (IDP), guiding them to explore themselves, develop new skills and make positive contributions to society through The Duke of Ed (Duke of Edinburgh International Award) programme. This internationally recognised programme consists of four main areas; Physical Recreation, Skills, Volunteer Service and Adventure Travel. At Spectrum International School, experienced mentors help Duke of Ed participants set personal goals, navigate their own educational journey and cultivate qualities such as tolerance, leadership and compassion.

Spectrum International School students will learn valuable life skills, build lasting friendships, and become well-rounded individuals ready to meet the challenges of the future while earning rewards.

The Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS)

Our partnership with ECIS goes beyond mere accreditation; it represents a shared commitment to world-class quality, innovation, and cultural diversity. It provides Spectrum International School with access to a multitude of resources, from professional development opportunities for teachers to collaborative projects with other community members. Students participate in conferences, workshops, and exchange programmes.  This exposure also enriches our pedagogical practices, and builds a sense of global citizenship among students. Spectrum International School enables pupils to successfully navigate the world, becoming more confident and empathic. 


At Spectrum International School, we prioritise professional development for our staff through our Educare programme. Educare offers a wide range of courses and training opportunities to enhance the knowledge and skills of our educators. These courses cover various areas, including curriculum development, instructional strategies, assessment techniques, classroom management, and the integration of technology in teaching. We also provide workshops on topics such as inclusive education, differentiation, and student well-being. By investing in the continuous learning and development of our staff, we ensure that they are equipped with the latest research-based practices, enabling them to deliver high-quality education and support to our students.