The uniqueness of the program

Spectrum International School (Spectrum) offers a balanced and integrated curriculum that will meet our students’ diverse learning needs. The curriculum integrates the national curriculum of Kazakhstan and Cambridge International Programmes. We offer our pupils a full school education (nursery, primary and high school) from 3 until 18 years old to help them fulfill their full potential in society. We enhance a unique atmosphere by embracing open dialogue between every student and teacher. We encourage a free and respectful exchange of opinions and ideas.


Accreditation is a form of certification in which an independent body will verify that a school or academic program meets minimum academic standards. It ensures that the academic credential a student works so hard to obtain means something substantial and that it will be recognized as such by employers and other post-secondary institutions. 

Spectrum is accredited by a number of recognized organizations. Enter this section to find out more.


Pricing Policy

Spectrum International School offers accessible international education based on the Cambridge program. Tuition fees include regular classroom instruction (but not preps, supplementary and extra-curricular activities), course textbooks, a set of school uniform, a set of PE kits, meal.

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